Increase the stats of your Eidolons by equipping different pieces of gear.

Up to five Eidolons can have gear equipped at a time, while an Eidolon can have up to three pieces of gear at once. Gear is not consumable, meaning it can be removed and equipped elsewhere.

You can only own up to 100 pieces of gear.


Gear has ranks from one star to four stars, with the higher amount of stars equaling more potent effects.


Some gear is included in gear sets and wearing all three pieces of a set at once can bring phenomenal results.


You can earn gear from the Legend Weapon Battle System, or LWBS.

Enhancing Edit

You can enhance gear up to +10. The higher the +, the stronger the gear. This combines with the strength given by the number of stars a piece of gear may have. So a one-star sword of +1 would equate to an attack value of +11, while a four-star bow of +1 would equate to an attack value of +1650.

Enhance Manuals

In order to enhance gear you must have Gear Enhance Manuals to use as materials for the enhance. These can drop while playing the game and come in different ranks. Regardless if gear enhancement is successful, the manual will be consumed.


Based on how high the gear has been enhanced, there is a risk for degradation and breakage. The higher the enhancement, the greater the risk of degradation (progress loss) or broken gear.


The risks for enhancing gear can be circumvented by using a special item, the Broken Scales of Fate; however, enhancing gear to +9 or +10 cannot be safeguarded. Regardless of enhancing success, the scales will be consumed.

  • Broken Scales of Fate can be purchased for 300 GCoins.