The Legend Weapon Battle System (LWBS) allows you to march through different places on a map to reach bosses. Each progression will reward you with a piece of gear. Reaching and defeating the bosses will reward you with rarer gear than normal marching will.


Each of your marches will be logged in the picture below, with your previous locations and current location being singled out.


Every time you march, you will earn progress in your chance gauge.


Marching requires rations, which you can earn from Goddess Tears.

  • You can trade 60 Goddess Tears for 1 march.
  • Alternatively you can buy 1 march with 150 GCoins.
Chance Gauge

One march will increase your chance gauge, and the higher your gauge builds, the higher chance for rarer gear to drop.


Your gauge will reset after beating a boss or otherwise at 00:00 PST.