Legend of Minerva
Developer(s) G-Gee
Publisher(s) Pocket Gems Publishing, GMO
Platform(s) iOS, Android
Release date(s) August 2013
Genre(s) RPG TCG
Rating(s) 12+, Medium Maturity

Legend of Minerva (aka Minerva Knights) is a free to play mobile card collecting and fighting role-playing game for mobile devices with iOS or Android.

Story Edit

In a far off land, a long time ago, Tales are told of a great War…

Between dark Legendary Tyrants and a heroic Oracle Knight…

Those Legendary Tyrants tirelessly birthed havoc in order to submerse the world in a miasma of darkness…

But there was one Goddess who could not bear watching the world suffer under their tyranny.

The Goddess of which myths were told… Minerva.

She searched far and wide for someone able to move the world with their strength and will.

The one she found was the first Oracle Knight. His powers allowed him to summon a spectacular strength. His strength alone sealed away the Tyrants into an eternal Slumber…

Or so he thought.

After thousands of years, the Tyrants have awakened once more, ready to once again drown the world in a terrible darkness.

In order to stop their terror, Minerva has taken action again, to find a new Oracle Knight to seal away the Tyrants for good.

Now starts a new chapter in the Legend of the Oracle Knight.

Features Edit

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  • Play through the story with a wide variety of characters.
    • Slay powerful bosses and receive awesome rewards.
  • Events and Quests are updated frequently.
  • Invite your friends and receive great benefits for Battle.
  • Fight together to overcome random Raids.
  • Make a lot of friends and make a Guild.
    • Participate in Guild Wars to prove your Guild is the strongest.
  • Make your own beautiful and strong deck.
  • Each card is filled with detailed artwork, developing more as each card grows.
  • Work to collect over 1000 different cards.
  • Participate in each event and get more chances to receive the rarest and most powerful cards.

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