Minerva: In our world, there are many kinds of summons.

Aside from those listed below, there are special summons that are part of events.

Premium Summon
  • 1 = 200 Summon Points
  • You can receive one for free every day.
  • If you support another player you can accrue Summon Points.
    • Tap "support" and type in a message. You can send the same player a support message one every two hours.
    • The maximum number of times you can support a day is 100.
  • You can get more points for supporting comrades (friends) and guild members.
  • You can have up to 50,000 Summon Points.
Ultimate Summon
  • 1 = 300 GCoins
  • You can receive Uncommon and higher ranked cards from this pack.
  • The chances of getting a higher ranked card are higher than a premium summon.
Newbie Summon
  • 1 = 100 GCoins
  • You can only buy this once.
  • Cards received from this are of a higher rank than premium summons.
Guild Summon

Guild summons give at least High Normal cards. If you collect enough guild summon points, everyone in the guild can get a guild summon.

The conversion rate for guild summon points is based on the rank of the cards donated to the guild. Even though you may have enough points, there are also guild summon ranks, separated in stars (one through three and so on). Guild summoning potential rises in proportion to the guild's rank.

In order to be eligible for a guild summons you must have joined a guild and been a member for at least 24 hours.

Even if you accumulate enough points for two chances, it will still only count as one. Any extra points will be wasted. You cannot accumulate multiple chances for a guild summon and may only do one at a time.