This page helps to list what terms and abbreviations are used within Legend of Minerva.

Status Points Edit

Three areas exist that players may spend their earned points on, described below. These regenerate at a rate of +1 per minute, or fully replenish after leveling.


Gradually depletes as you quest through the world.

Strike Point (SP)

Depletes after each Battle or Raid.

Guard Point (GP)

Depletes after other players initiate battles against you.

Experience Edit

Players collect experience points via quests. Earn enough exp per level and you will level up. Upon leveling all your stamina, SP, and GP will refill.

You will also gain three status points to allocate as you wish, or you can have them auto-allocate.

Mani Edit


Mani is currency. Mani can be collected from quests or selling Eidolon Cards.

Mani is necessary for enhancing and evolving your Eidolon Cards during your journey.

Comrades Edit

Other knights (players) are called comrades. Comrades can aid in boss battles and raids. The number of comrades on can have is based on their level.

Present List Edit

When you have presents, you will see a notice saying "You have __ presents!" and a link underneath. Tap the link to see your Present List.

From the list you can choose to receive all your presents at once, or you can go under each item and click the receive button. You can only have up to 3,000 presents in your list. If you've maxed out your list you cannot receive any new presents.