After selecting their name and attribute for Legend of Minerva, players will begin the optional tutorial. It is recommended players complete the tutorial, as they will gain an HR and SR Eidolon.

Progression Edit

Minerva: I have long awaited you, Successor of Oracle Knight.
Owl: Hoot! Let's get started. First we'll teach you how to save our world.
Minerva: With your ability to Summon, you have the power to Move the Earth. Now, try Summoning an Eidolon as your Ally.
Owl: Hoo! You summoned this Eidolon! It's been ages since these feathers could see this again...
Minerva: We should use that Summoned Eidolon Card and Quest on.
Aha, it seems you've made some Eidolons as Comrades along the way. Questing will bring you lots of Eidolons to join your charge as well as Items to aid you.
Owl: Ohoo! You've gotten two of the same Eidolon! In our world, two of the same Eidolon lets you Evolve! Doing so will strengthen you greatly. Let's give it a shot!
Minerva: How wonderful! We've set this Evolved Eidolon as the leader of your Eidolon Card Deck. Next up is for you to Battle!
Owl: For now, I'll lend some Eidolons from my allies, hoo hoo! We use our decks to fight against other Oracles from other Worlds to maintain our own. Now, come at me!
Minerva: Wonderful! Your Eidolons have used their Skills! Skills are powerful in battles and can turn the tide quickly. Some Eidolons possess Chain Skills, which are loads more powerful! Think carefully about how you set your deck!
Minerva: You've completed our Tutorial!
Owl: I'll guide you from here on out, so rest easy!
Minerva: Shold you have anything you don't know or would like to learn, hit "Menu" and then hit "Help". All you could ever desire to learn lies within that page. Now that you're finished, collect your rewards and travel into the Legend of Minerva!